About ‘A London Brand’

Inspired By Our Love For London

‘A London Brand’ is a luxury bedding and home furnishing brand that was created with the goal of helping people find calm and stillness in a busy world. Quality bedding is the key to waking up and going to bed happy with a relaxed mind, which is why we focus on creating the best sheets, with the best materials.  

We know it can be difficult to switch off and find those few serene moments each day that allow our bodies to truly relax. We want to help our customers seek these moments everyday through our product range and create a comfortable home that is their sanctuary.   There’s nothing more fulfilling than arriving home in the evening to a tranquil atmosphere and curling up in ridiculously comfortable sheets that give you that feeling of complete bliss. It’s something we all deserve, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to have luxury bedding that makes a huge impact on your life.

We pride ourselves on delivering our quality products, at the best possible value for money with our friendly and personal service. Shopping with ‘A London Brand’ is a hassle free and enjoyable experience, we’ve done all the hard work to ensure you have all the information you need to make a worthwhile purchase. Our curated collection makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without scrolling endlessly through noisy, patterned bedding to find a quality set.

Every thread is woven with care at ‘A London Brand’. We use only the finest quality materials and all of our products are responsibly manufactured. The difference is in the detail.

A London Brand

“Sleep is easy, when you have luxury bedding”

It’s our mission to create bedding that envelopes you into a deep and indulgent night’s sleep. Using the finest cotton and detailed craftsmanship, our bedding will transport you to a magical dreamland, ensuring you wake up in the best possible mood.

A London Brand