Bedding: The Evolution

You may come home and hop into your beautiful, white linen, four poster bed. But have you ever wondered what your bed would be like if you lived hundreds of years ago? 

Bedding has come a long way since 3400BC when the first bed was raised. This was done in an attempt to prevent rodents from crawling into peoples beds as well as to keep Egyptians off the cold floor. 

After raising their beds, Egyptians took took a liking to bedding and as linen evolved, it became seen as many symbols such as prosperity, light and purity. 

But beds and bedding weren’t the only things that evolved! Over the next few years mattresses, specifically mattress fillings, also evolved.

During the Roman Empire, mattresses were stuffed with wool, reeds or hay. Whereas during the Renaissance most mattresses were stuffed with straw and feathers. 

Following the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, during the 18th century mattresses evolved even more and started to get stuffed with cotton. The Bedding industry continued to evolve until we got to where we are today, with inner spring mattress’s, waterbeds and foam mattresses. 

The bedding industry has come along way since BC, adapting to the necessary evolvements and preferences. If this how far we have come, can you imagine where we are headed? 

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