Fear Of Buttons (Koumpoounophobia) & Duvet Covers.

Fear of buttons, also known as Koumpoounophobia – greek originated word, meaning ‘to button’ from the ancient Greek word ‘bean’ due to its resemblance to a button.

The phobia is very common, although seldom talked about and not as popular as the other phobias that have become ubiquitous in our culture. Steve Jobs, one the greatest modern-day inventors ever suffered from Koumpoounophobia; This may have precipitated his obsession with touch screens; for which we will forever be indebted.

Sufferers have reported their intolerability to buttons – even the thought of them elicits a stream of uncomfortable sensations and a compulsion to wash one’s hands. Sufferers are even repulsed by someone in a button-up shirt and avoid close contact with anyone wearing one.

Many show a great dislike to plastic buttons and are unbothered by the metal fasteners on jeans. A sight of a button can render someone who suffers from button-phobia immobile. 

Because of this reason and that buttons on duvet covers are useless, we designed our duvet covers to be fastened by 100% cotton strings – the same material the covers are made with; creating a seamless transition from the cover to the strings. 

As kids, the first shoes that were put on our feet either had velcro or laces. When we became older, our parents would securely tie-up our laces and embrace us as they wave us into the walls of our schools. we felt confident to run around during playtime knowing that our laces were fastened.

As adults our gym shoes, sneakers/trainers, formal office/dinner shoes all have laces. 

Laces/strings are a cultural symbol of security, strength, and ambition and it only made sense for us to have our duvet fasteners made from strings.

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Strings, unlike buttons and popper (press stud, snap or tich) fasteners, aren’t susceptible to shrinking or chipping. And strings, unlike zips, are not cold to touch, breaking or rusting. 

String fasteners are universal, whether you hate the sight of buttons or are looking for familiarity and reliability, tying up your duvet covers will ensure that your duvet will not fall out until it’s ready to be washed.

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