The Art of the Turndown – How to Turn Down the Bed before sleep

What does turn down the bed mean? A turndown service refers to the practice of staff entering a guest’s room and “turning down” the bed linen in the room, preparing the bed for use; this is especially lovely when staying in a hotel room. When you enter your room after a long day only to find it clean and clutter-free.

So what’s stopping you from achieving the same effect yourself? – It’s astonishing how restful it feels to go to bed within a well-prepared and organized environment.

The first step is adjusting the lighting in the room, set the brightness or use dim lighting to set the mood.

The next step is to make sure your environment is clean; room aesthetic plays a very important part, so make sure you don’t have any clothes, dressing gowns or towels lying around on the floor.
Staying hydrated is extremely important, so you should always have a bottle and a glass by the side of your bed.

Finally, plump up the pillows; this way, when you rest your head, it will feel soothing.

After you’re done with these simple steps, you should feel an inner sense of peace when you finally enter the room to rest.

Congratulations, you’ve mastered The Art of the Turndown.

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