The Difference Between Oxford Pillowcase & Housewife Pillowcase

A guide towards understanding what kind of pillowcases are right for you.

When it comes to making tough decisions, pillowcases fall into that category; we’re all fond of our pillows because finding the right pillow takes time and getting used to it is another process in itself. When you have successfully bonded with your pillow, you do not want to ever replace it. Much like finding the perfect lover; you wouldn’t want to start dating other people in the fear of meeting incompatible mates or people with unfavourable tendencies; So you protect and nurture the lover you have (easier said than done, we know).

The way we protect our precious pillows from dust, dirt, stains and facial oils while maintaining a comfortable and attractive touch, is through the use of pillowcases.

Nothing beats the experience of hugging a pillow and feeling relaxed and reassured while you wait to drift off to the land of dreams.
However, not everyone has the same taste and style, which is why the market is filled with pillowcases in all shapes and sizes. So if you have ever wondered what is the difference between a Housewife pillowcase and an Oxford pillowcase, we have the answers.

I will start with the housewife pillowcases as they’re found in almost every home.

Housewife Pillowcases

These are possibly the most common type of pillowcases and you probably have them or have seen them around your home or somebody else’s.

Throughout history, specifically during the 19th Century, pillowcases had a simple opening at the end which would make the pillow fall out of the case.
In the 1880s the “Housewives Co-operative” originating in Bolton adapted a standard pillowcase to include an inside flap at the end, this flap would keep the pillowcase in its place. They became known as “Housewife” pillowcases to honour them.
They have a standard case that goes over the entire pillow, making it aesthetically pleasing to look at while also protecting it from sagging.
Housewife pillowcases being the most common covers, they are also extremely cost-effective.

Another kind of pillowcases are the bag style pillowcases: they are the easiest and lowest maintenance pillowcases on the market, this means they are the easiest to clean and maintain, making them universally loved.

Oxford Pillowcases

And finally, there is the Oxford pillowcase type, which is the most elegant and luxurious pillowcase type on the market.
These Oxford pillowcases have borders (also known as a flange or valance) around the edge that adds a stylish or luxurious touch to the dressing of your bed.

Why is it called Oxford Pillowcase?

The name ‘Oxford’ is derivative of the material it was once made of, The Oxford Cloth. It was trusted as a durable and long-lasting material and was widely used to make shirts.

Simply, the Oxford, bearing its lush design accent of borders, made it the posh alternative to the Housewife Pillowcase.

The Oxford Pillowcase borders lent itself to its users’ customisation;  it allowed the user to add their own decorative touch by ruffling or crimping.

The Opening 

The opening of the pillowcase is beautifully covered by a flap in an envelope-style.

Which is better? The Oxford Pillowcase or The Housewife?

It is purely on the taste of the asker. They both serve their function of protecting a pillowcase adequately. It just a matter of stylistic preferences. Oxford Pillowcases are popular amongst high-end hotels; they also look great on large beds as the extra fabric (borders) makes it the perfect match to a super king bed or a king bed.

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